House Life

Preparedness Musings

We woke up this morning to find that it is 18 degrees with a high of 21. That’s not normal for central Texas, but not a big deal unless we lose power.

About 5 minutes after we woke up, the power went out. Uh oh. I got out the portable radio and the radio station that we listen to isn’t broadcasting. Double Uh oh. That means the outage is widespread and might last awhile.

Fortunately, power was restored within 30 minutes and we were on our way. Apparently Texas is doing rolling blackouts today to help prop up the power grid.

I got to thinking about our preparedness situation this morning. We’ve got plenty of food stored, so no worries there, but…

Without power, there’s no heat. OK, we can build a fire, but we don’t have any wood.¬† Well, we can go buy some wood, even at inflated prices, but with no power what are we going to pay with? (We don’t keep much cash on hand).

Some of my friends are experiencing frozen pipes and have no water. No problem, we’ve got about 100 gallons of water in barrels on our back porch. Oops! I guess we can’t use that either, anyone need some ice?

So, We’ve learned a few things today that we’ll need to adjust:

1. Get some fire wood. The fireplace is nice, but without wood, we’re not going to get any heating out of it.

2. Get some cash in small bills to keep on-hand for such a situation in case our credit cards don’t work (no power)

3. Seriously consider moving the water storage to the garage where it won’t freeze so quickly (It doesn’t get cold for long here, we’ll be in the 40s and 50s again by end of week)

I’m not happy about #3 as the garage is already filling up, but it seems like a reasonable step to take.

Fortunately, we’ve got power (most of the time) and are warm and safe, but today was enough of a dry-run to identify some gaps in our preparedness that we’ll need to take care of.

Kids Life

Time flies…

Anna Sleeping
Anna Sleeping

Well, we’ve had 10 days with Anna so far and it’s just flown by.¬† I can’t believe how fast babies change and grow.

Juliene’s Mom spent a week with us to help out and it was wonderful to have her.¬† We were excited for the kids to get some quality time with Grandma. They usually only see her at the family reunion and are more interested in playing with their cousins than spending much time with the grown-ups. They got some good bonding time this week.

Anna is doing great. She’s growing fast and has already passed up her birth weight. She’s a good eater and wants to nurse often. Unfortunately, this means more diaper changing 🙂 Happily, the kids are all so excited about the “Diaper Champ” diaper bucket that they fight over who “gets” to help change the diaper so they can throw it away. I’m loving it.

Juliene has recovered very well and is up and around. She’s energetic and in high spirits, but we’re making her take it easy for another week. I’ve got next week off work so I can take care of getting the kids to school, oversee homework, cook dinner, and keep the house in order (we’re selling our house too.) I’m sure I’ll be very glad to go back to work, but I hope the extra week of rest will be good for Juliene.

We’ve been keeping busy with the kids, and if we weren’t busy enough with the new baby, we’ve put our house on the market.¬† This isn’t new news as we’ve been on the market for about a month now, but I called the realtor today and dropped the price of our house to something that seemed more realistic than where we’d started. I must have hit the right price because after a month of no one looking at our house, we got a call within 2 hours of changing the price from a realtor wanting to show our house to a client. We scrambled to vacuum and do the last-minute tidy-up and headed out for dinner at Burger King. Hopefully we’re now at the right price point and will have people look at our house. I guess it’s now time for us to start looking for our new home.


Coming Soon…

Haven’t posted in awhile, but we’ve been busy getting ready for our new addition. If Juliene makes it through the night, we’ll go to the hospital at 7am to induce labor.
We’re looking forward to meeting Anna.


Vacation – Day 1

p6160081We’re finally taking a real family vacation!¬† It’s been too long since we’ve done something with just our family, so I’ve got the week off from work and we are in San Antonio.

It’s nice, sunny, and HOT down here but we’re having a wonderful time!

We made it to San Antonio without a hitch and headed to the LDS Temple to walk around on the grounds with the kids.  Aubrey had a grand time taking pictures of the beautiful flowers.

After a quick lunch, we went to the Alamo. I was impressed with how interested the kids were in seeing it.¬† I remember it being pretty boring when I was a kid.¬† We had lots of fun looking around.¬† The kids were well-behaved.¬† Poor Aaron fell on the steps in the amphitheater and cut his leg pretty good.¬† We walked around for awhile before finding a first aid station where they cleaned him up and put a band-aid on it.¬† He needed a butterfly stitch, but they didn’t have them.

After the Alamo, we got checked in to the hotel and rested for about an hour before dinner.¬† We had Applebee’s for dinner, but had trouble because our GPS unit showed 3 Applebee’s restaurants in our area and 3 of them had gone out of business.¬† Of course, we drove to them each in turn and found the one that was still open last.

After dinner we went to the Riverwalk and enjoyed walking a bit.¬† We took the boat tour and the kids loved it.¬† Hopefully they’ll remember the experience.¬† Since we were so late in the day, the sun was setting and we had a nice breeze so the weather was perfect for the riverwalk tonight.

We’re getting the kids to bed now so we can be ready for Sea World tomorrow!


It’s a Girl


We had the sonogram yesterday and after much effort, were able to determine that we are having a baby girl!

Little girl didn’t want to cooperate, but after much jostling of Juliene’s tummy, the nurse finally persuaded baby girl to move her feet so we could see.

She looks healthy and we’re right where we should be for the October due date.

Now we have the challenge of coming up with a name for this little girl.¬† We’re constrained that the name has to start with an “A” and don’t have any ideas yet.

Please post your suggestions in the comments.